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Auxinam Ltd is a Family Office supporting a wide range of businesses, projects and charitable activities.

Vision & Values

Our mission is to empower the upcoming generation of innovators to effect positive transformations.
Auxinam embodies the values of integrity, commitment, and transparency – principles upheld by our team and family, both as individuals and investors.
These core values serve as our compass, steering us through a dynamic landscape and influencing all our decisions, whether personal or professional.


We specialize in business transformation and supporting growth strategies across diverse markets. Auxinam invests in established companies, start-ups, and emerging businesses globally.

Our services provide companies with strategic diversification, access to resources and expertise, and foster long-term partnerships centered on value creation and sustainable growth.


We strategize and design projects with long-term vision, capturing opportunities for sustainable growth. Our focus is on targets, quality, and innovation, enhancing dynamic businesses.

Our dedicated team prioritizes projects, collaborating with top specialists to bring ideas to life effectively. Projects are meticulously developed and managed in-house and in partnership with our network.


Nordwand Charity, the philanthropic arm of Auxinam, is dedicated to promoting well-being around the world by supporting individuals and charitable initiatives.

Committed to generating sustainable social impact, Auxinam aims to bring positive change to our society today and for future generations.


Auxinam Ltd
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